Daystar Geodata Consult is an Applications development, Analystical research and Engineering firm. Our mission is to provide our clients with solutions for effective planning management, decision making, geosciences and related branches of science and engineering in Africa



Engineering surveying

GIS & Web mapping

Remote sensing

I.T Consultancy

With our team of  qualified professional Engineers, DGC  provides mapping services which helps in route planning, thematic data preparation, decision making for agriculture, telecommunications, transport, construction, disaster management Land information management

Our experienced team of Geospatial Data Analysts and Engineers focuses on your needs in GIS.  We provide a wide range of GIS solutions for GIS consultancy, Cloud GIS and web Mapping Technologies, GIS Data Analysis and Management, GIS Requirements Assessment and Design, cartography for creating custom maps and many more.

Daystar Geodata Consult provides a wide range of remote sensing solutions for environmental monitoring and management for our clients. We assist our clients to optimize the use of satellite, drone UAV and LiDAR technologies. Remote sensing is time and cost effective for projects. It requires acquisition of information on objects and phenomena at large scale for planning and designing of maps.

Our team of specialized professionals  allows us to offer IT consulting services to our clients. We offer architecture development, consulting design, consulting, support services on new IT platforms and operational models.

Our services includes but not limited to banking and financial software services, health care, retail, customer medical software.