• Daystar Geodata Consult provides a wide range of remote sensing solutions for environmental monitoring and management for our clients. We assist our clients to optimize the use of satellite, drone UAV and LiDAR technologies. Remote sensing is time and cost effective for projects. It requires acquisition of information on objects and phenomena at large scale for planning and designing of maps.
Our Remote Sensing services include but not limited to:
Land use:
  • Floodplain mapping and flood risk assessment
  • Urban and settlement map
  • Mining and geology mapping
  • Agricultural land evaluation and status
  • Pipeline corridor status
Land cover:
  • Land cover classification and change detection
  • Satellite imagery interpretation and classification
  • Environmental impact assessment mapping
  • Burned area and burn severity mapping
  • Flood extent
  • Agricultural mapping
  • Forestry mapping
  • Vegetation stress, degradation and recovery monitoring
  • Oil spill sensitivity mapping and oil spill response

Topography and terrain:

  • Hydrological network and Watershed management
  • Topographic wetness index, slope aspect analysis and elevation