Daystar Geodata Consult provides a wide range of GIS solutions for GIS consultancy, GIS and web Mapping Technologies, GIS Data Analysis and Management, GIS Requirements Assessment and Design, cartography for creating custom maps and many more.

Custom web maps

Health care

We leverage on geospatial technology to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases

urban planning, management & policy

environmental monitoring and management

Our GIS Services include but not limited to:

Urban Planning, Management & Policy:

  • Zoning, subdivision planning
  • Land acquisition
  • Economic development
  • Housing renovation programs
  • Emergency response
  • Crime mapping and hotspot analysis

Environmental monitoring and management

  • Monitoring environmental risk
  • Modeling stormwater runoff
  • Management of watersheds, floodplains, wetlands, forests, aquifers
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Hazardous or toxic facility siting
  • Groundwater modelling and contamination tracking


  • Locating underground facilities
  • Designing alignment for freeways, transit
  • Coordination of infrastructure maintenance
  • Terrain and slope stability analysis
  • Cut and fill estimates
  • Visibility and view shed analysis
  • Alignment and grade calculations
  • Right-of-way corridor studies
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Cost and flow analysis

Real Estate

  • Neighbourhood land prices
  • Traffic Impact Analysis
  • Management of real property inventories for the land market
  • Management of accurate tax ratings on property
  • Tax mapping
  • Assets management and mapping

Health Care

  • Epidemiology
  • Needs Analysis
  • Service Inventory


  • Retail site selection & customer analysis
  • Logistics: vehicle tracking & routing
  • Demographic analysis
  • Market Penetration/ Share Analysis
  • Natural resource exploration (petroleum, etc.)
  • Identifying the potential location of customers for location of banks